No car day is pointless populism

Once upon a time a previous Bogota mayor won, through a referendum, the right to call an annual “no car day” in the city. The idea was to encourage people to stop and think about the effect their daily commute had on the environment. No bad thing.

Current mayor, Gustavo Petro, today held the second no car day of the year. And he wants another one before he finishes his mandate in December.

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FARC peace accords signed by 22 February

Peace with the FARC guerrillas must be signed by 22 February to be put to a referendum on 25 October; the day of Colombia’s local and regional elections.

Colombia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that President Santos must present any peace agreement with the Marxist rebels to Congress no later than 24 February, and that the public must be told in advance of this date.

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Colombia’s search for peace, two years on

Colombia’s peace talks with the FARC guerrillas began exactly two years ago. Partial agreement has been reached on half the agenda. No previous attempt to end the 50 year war has come this far. But scepticism remains and opposition to the talks is hardening.

Yes, President Santos won reelection this summer on a peace ticket, but despite the progress and the hype, in reality we are far from knowing whether he can deliver.

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