Colombia’s politicians make FIFA look legit

Neither Juan Manuel Santos nor Oscar Ivan Zuluaga deserve to be elected president.

Colombians go to the polls a day after “la selección” plays its first World Cup finals game since 1998.

You could excuse them for nursing their hangovers in bed and declining to vote.

On Saturday 14 June, the heroes in yellow and blue will offer hope of a nation at peace with itself, of glory and sporting triumph. On Sunday, the nation’s leaders by contrast offer fear and loathing. Read more…

We’re voting for a president not for peace


Let’s be more than single issue voters. Peace, yes – but what else?

In these elections we’re not really talking about peace, but instead the ‘destruction/demobilization’ of the guerilla groups.

This is a pretty limited view of what the word peace means, and while, yes it is a key consideration in these elections, we must not forget that peace has been the buzz word for every election for about the last 100 years. Read more…

Que pena Colombia you only have yourself to blame

Que pena contigo Colombia, but if only 40% of you bother to turn out to vote how can you complain about the outcome?

Que pena contigo Colombia, but if you insist on voting for the “los mismos de siempre” how can you complain that it is they who govern you?

Que pena contigo Colombia, but if you wring your hands at the corruption and vote for those who stand most accused of this crime…well, you only have yourself to blame. Read more…

If no one deserves your vote, vote “en blanco”

Darkness falls on Colombia yet again (has it ever left the place?). Tomorrow we go to the polls and yet our presidential hopefuls have only managed to disappoint rather than inspire.

Worse still, we have witnessed the obscene spectacle of a dirty tricks campaign in which we have been asked to determine whether the most cunning of criminals is either Juan Manual Santos or Oscar Ivan Zuluaga.

Any proposals or visions for Colombia the candidates might have had have been drowned out. Read more…

A vote for peace not Santos

President Santos has tried all the tricks in the book to make this election about war and peace.

He, his friends in the media, and virtually the entire political class, have told us to vote for the incumbent’s re-election or to face all out war with the FARC.

Mr Santos’ thesis is that only he is capable of delivering peace accords with the Marxist guerrillas; that each of the other four candidates would take Colombians “back to war”. Read more…