The Uribe Duque tandemocracy

Ivan Duque will emerge victorious today, he may even win by an absolute margin meaning there’s no need for a second round run off. But I suspect the polls may be exaggerating his support, and he may well lose a bit of momentum.

Gustavo Petro should come second. The hard leftist was recorded last night claiming he will enter into a coalition agreement of sorts with De La Calle and Fajardo, two of the centrist candidates running today. That will make the second round run off very interesting. Read more…

Lunch with war criminals

Polishing off a steak almuerzo in one of the Candelaria’s expensive French restaurants, I spot a goblinly, bug-eyed, short and very well fed man, sitting a few tables to my right. As I exit past him, we lock eyes and I feel an icy heat spread across my thoracic vertebrae.

Two days later I see him again, in a cafe on Parkway; just to the north west of the centre. Again, the following day; this time with his daughter and a couple of aged-rockers wearing plastic looking leather jackets. Read more…

FARC fake farewell to arms?

When a president is as unpopular as Colombia’s Santos, no one believes a word he says.

And when a country has been at war with guerrillas for 50 years, they don’t believe them either.

Yesterday was officially the end of the FARC as an armed insurgency. The UN took control of 7,000 weapons and the guns fell silent.
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Colombia can’t cope with competition

I hailed a yellow cab on Calle 19 with 5, by BD Bacata, the 67-storey glass stalagmite Portafolio calls ‘the most modern complex in Latin America’.

Bacata hopes to transform the urine smelling streets of Bogota’s Dickensian, historic Santafe, Candaleria, and Matires barrios; generating 1,000 new jobs and creating a new business hub with 117 offices and a high-end 300 bed hotel.  Read more…